The War Memorials

The project focused on two First World War Memorials: one at St Giles’ Church, Aintree, and  one at St Thomas’ Church, Melling.

Children from Aintree Davenhill and Holy Rosary Primary Schools visited St Giles’ Church, where they learnt about the soldiers named on the War Memorial from Peter Gill, local historian and parish councillor. Those from Melling Primary visited St Thomas’ and learnt about the memorial and graves there from local historian Bill Borland.

Please click on the memorial below which interests you and you will be able to read about the individual soldiers whose names appear on the memorials. All the research into these names has been carried out by Peter Gill and Bill Borland.

You can view a flickable online version of Bill and Peter’s booklet - Aintree and Melling’s Great War - which features a pen portrait of each of the 81 men from the local community killed in the war: